Our maintenance division is capable of taking on a wide range of jobs from basic shrub and tree maintenance, to large hedges and garden renovation projects. Whether it's a large hedge, a small shrub or an entire property we can handle it in a way that promotes healthy growth, fruit production and returning blossoms. During our initial inspection of your plant materials, we would identify disease and pest issues, and with your approval take steps towards rectifying the problem. Return visits to your property allow us to keep an eye out for disease and pest problems before they can become a problem.

From perfectly maintained to overgrown and unsightly we are ready to fulfill all your pruning needs. We are specialists at identifying key landscape features and working around them to create a beautiful, maintainable space at minimal cost.

We know what to prune and when to prune it . Proper timing for blooming shrubs, fruiting trees and conifers is critical for optimal plant health and growth.

Ornamental shaping for specimen trees and shrubs make up a large percentage of our work. Plants are expensive and properly trimming and shaping to maximize the look of feature plants in your landscape will not only enhance the look of your yard but add to it's overall property value.

In addition to our pruning, adding essential nutrients on a regular basis is a key step in ensuring that your plants recover from trimming and pruning and have the needed food energy to spur on healthy growth.

All pruning material is removed from the property unless the client wishes to keep it for their own purposes.

In addition to our regular services we also offer spring clean ups and fall clean ups.