Even though it is one of the most basic jobs around any given yard, many of our clients elect to have one of our dedicated mowing crews deal with the cutting during the growing season. Our three man crews are well trained, efficient and courteous. Our employees are dressed in company attire at all times to ensure your security, comfort and confidence as we perform our duties on your property.

During each visit the entire property is edged, including garden borders. The grass is mown and all sidewalks and driveways are blown off. We take extra care in blowing off pathways and garden beds so there is no unsightly build-up of lawn clippings anywhere on your property. All trimmings are normally removed from your property unless the client wishes to keep them for their compost.

This treatment when coupled with our 7-step lawn care package is ideal for creating a beautiful and lasting lawn and having our lawn crew at your property on a weekly basis allows us to have your lawn and property under constant watch, thus enabling us to make recommendations and improvements which will keep your lawn green and healthy for years to come.


Clients who normally maintain their own lawn but will be away for a period of time during the growing season may be interested in vacation cutting when they are absent from their homes on business or holidays. These can be scheduled to co-ordinate with existing customers we cut in your neighborhood.


Under certain circumstances, we do offer bi-weekly cutting for those customers who need to keep the grass cut back but who require a lower level of care than the weekly clients.