We have maintained lawn care customers by the thousands up and down the island. We understand your lawn, we live and work in your area and we know what is important to you.

Using the latest agronomic and cultural practices, the highest quality fertilizers blended to Pro- West Services specifications, our system of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and fully trained lawn care technicians, we can achieve the results you are looking for on your lawn.

Pro-West Services designed the "7 step program" for Vancouver Island's soil and climate. The program includes regularly timed visits every 5-6 weeks beginning in early spring with granular lime and ending with winter fertilizer. "Spot" weed control is only used, if required and at the request of the client. Our unique program enables your lawn to look good and maintain healthy growth throughout the growing season.

Core aeration, power raking and over-seeding can be added to maximize the health and appearance of the grass.

During each visit by our technicians, we will leave information you can do to enhance the process, such as proper water and cutting practices.

Did you know that real estate values can fluctuate up to 14% from the mean average depending on the "curb appeal" of your home? You could get 7% more for your home if the yard, lawns and gardens are in top shape, or a reduction in selling value of 7% for a poorly maintained property.

You can gain a partner and advisor in maintaining a Gorgeous Green Healthy Lawn. Delivering professional, ecology minded lawn care services is our commitment to you.