Whether you have a new home or a mature landscape, our team can help. We build new landscapes and we renovate aging gardens. Either way we put our hearts into it. When we work on your landscape, we treat it as though it were our own.

We use only quality materials, from weed free soils and mulches to healthy nursery specimen products. We can build from the ground up or we can utilize a property's positive attributes, keeping the most valuable or attractive plants and working with you to formulate a plan to put your landscape together seamlessly. Our goal is to create a space that is full and maintainable and we do this through proper material selection.

From wild "romantic" garden styles to xero-scaped simplistic, low maintenance landscapes, we do it. We have greatly minimized maintenance costs by simplifying and troubleshooting landscape problems for our customers. Over the years, we have truly become the masters of re-landscaping. Nothing suits us better than to take on the challenge of an older landscape that has seen a better day.

The three "R's" are an integral part of our landscape redesign here at Pro-West.

Reduce the clutter. Many properties have been over planted, both by well meaning home owners and misled landscapers. Thinning out and removal of improperly planned or overgrown plantations can often dramatically rejuvenate the look of your property.

Reuse the existing plants. Just because the gardens have become over populated in a particular bed does not mean they cannot add to the beauty of the overall landscape in a different area of the yard.

Recycle the old plants. Many times we can find good homes for your older, redundant plants by simply transplanting them to our holding area while we source out a new venue for your plants.


Landscaping consulting services are available for those of you who are avid gardeners and do-it-yourselfers. We will meet with you at your home and help your develop your over all themes and vision for your property.